Why Surgeons Are the Best Choice for Hair Restoration

Did you know that about 60% of men and 50% of women in the world experience hair loss? If you struggle with hair loss and are looking for a remedy, you should seek treatment from our surgeons for your hair loss restoration.

At Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers in Hauppauge, New York, our board-certified surgeons, David Mayer, MD, and Rovert Pollina, MD, FACS, are hair restoration and transplant specialists who serve with the rest of our team to provide the highest level of expertise in hair restoration.

When you come in for treatment, it isn’t like visiting a dermatologist or other hair restoration offices. Instead, our practice only employs board-certified surgeons to make sure you receive superior treatment and care from the most knowledgeable and experienced providers.

Whether you have male-pattern baldness, female-pattern hair loss, or hair loss because of a burn or a scalp injury, Dr. Mayer and Dr. Pollina and our team offer the most cutting-edge, hair restoration treatments in the industry for both men and women. 

What does hair restoration offer?

When you come in to see us at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers, we give you an evaluation that helps determine the underlying reason for your hair loss.

Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we might recommend one of the various treatments we offer, including:

We also might recommend more than one type of procedure depending on your desired outcome.

All of our hair loss restoration treatments are highly personalized to treat your individual needs. Our customized plans include the use of modern technology without giving you stitches or leaving you with linear scars. We use our expertise and techniques to produce superior results.

Why should I choose a surgeon for hair loss restoration treatment?

When receiving hair loss restoration, you need a skilled surgeon and team to perform your procedure. That’s why our practice is Quad-A (AAAA) certified, which means that our surgeons are board-certified and that our doctors, clinicians, and nurses, in addition to our equipment, meet and exceed the national standard for safety.

At our practice, not only do we use the most advanced technology to perform your hair restoration procedure, but we have the highly trained skillset to give you the best outcome possible. In addition, our treatments only take one day. We also offer comfortable, inviting rooms where you can gently recover.

To schedule a consultation with our board-certified surgeons and team for your hair loss restoration, contact us by calling, booking online, or leaving us a message today.

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