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We recognize how important hairdressers are in enabling their clients to always look their best, and to spend less time worrying about their appearance and more time enjoying life with confidence. With this in mind, we are proud to offer a very unique business opportunity for our salon owners and barber partners to become integral members of our hair restoration team ensuring the very best results for our patients.

At Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers, we are one of only a handful of centers worldwide to offer the minimally invasive robotic hair transplantation procedure which effectively treats hair loss with no incision, no stitches, and most importantly, no linear scar on the back of the patient’s head. In order to prepare for our procedure, the patient’s hair must be cut very short on the back of their head where the transplanted hairs are to be harvested.

Our goal in partnering with your salon is to have you cut our patient’s hair shorter, blending in the back areas and sides for an aesthetically attractive look that will also prepare them for the transplant procedure.

Therefore, we are searching for salons to provide the appropriate pre-procedure haircuts to our patients, and to continue to perform haircuts for patients for at least 6 months post-procedure as the transplanted hairs grow and fill in areas of hair loss. All such haircuts would be paid for by our office.

We are looking to form a lasting bond with your salon and refer you many clients. We are also always happy to receive your recommendations and referrals.

Please contact our team to get started participating in this cutting edge approach to total hair care. 

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